Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little Red Raider

Being a ham for the camera.

On the go with his newest Texas Tech shirt (thank you Aunt Jess!).

Staring out the window and watching the rain, wishing he could go outside and play.


Ian's cousin, Natalie, has moved to Korea for 2 years. Ian loves Natty, and it's sad that they won't have any play dates in the near future. Before she and her parents left, we made sure to take lots of are just a few.

I LOVE this one! It looks like they are sharing a special, funny moment that only the 2 of them understand.

Blowing kisses.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Getting the bubbles down from the windowsill...

Attempting to get the lid off...

Ian's version of blowing bubbles. When you try to show him to hold the wand in front of his mouth, he grabs it out of your hand, sticks it in his mouth, and THEN blows. Funny boy. :)


Ian took his first steps on Good Friday (which is kind of ironic since he was born on Good Friday last year), and started walking well on April 30th (at 13 months old). It took him a while to gain self-confidence in his balance and not to get so excited that he made himself topple over. It has been amazing to watch him gain more independence the more steady he gets. More independence also means that he is getting more mischievous and curious of everything around him. For example, the bathroom doors are ALWAYS closed now and the toilet lids are ALWAYS down because I have found odd things that were purposely placed in the toilet by a little is definitely not boring around our house.

First Haircut

I know it has been a long time since updating our blog, but life has been busy to say the least. Since I last posted, Ian had his first haircut. It really wasn't too unmanageable or exceptionally long, but the comb-over was a little much for me, especially when it would blow in the wind! We took Ian to a place that specializes in kids' haircuts, and the stylist was extremely patient. Ian didn't cry, but he wasn't convinced it was the most fun thing he's ever done. Before the big haircut.
Trying to brush his own hair.

Profile shot.

They had really neat things for the kids to sit on and watch tv while they got their hair cut, but Ian only lasted on the motorcycle for a few pictures.

Doesn't he look thrilled for what is about to come?? :)

Getting his "cape" put on.

The first snip of his baby hair.

Here he is trying to check out exactly what is going on.

After...what a big boy.

No more long, straggly hairs tucked behind his ear.