Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fourth of July

We spent our July 4th swimming, eating, playing, and enjoying time with family. Ian started asking to see fireworks when he first woke up that morning and continued asking nonstop throughout the day. Luckily, Georgetown put on a firework show, and Ian enjoyed it immensely.
Pool time with Grammie.Splashing fun with Granddad.
Ian will throw a ball any chance he can get.
Ian's sour face after eating a pickle. He LOVES sour things, and his expression never stops being funny!
Enjoying some hugs with Uncle.Ian loved helping Granddad drive the golf cart. Anything that has a steering wheel, he wants to drive it. Waiting for the fireworks...patiently I might add! :)That sweet face says it all.And this is the face he gives me while saying "Move out of the way Mommy!!"

Cars 2

Ian got to go to his first movie, Cars 2, with his friend Triston a few weeks ago. We didn't quite make it through the entire movie (what 3 year old can sit through a 2 hour movie??), but it was a fun experience and the boys behaved very well. Ian loved the popcorn, the seats that rocked back, and the huge screen. It was a great (and cool) afternoon adventure for all!
Ian was one excited little boy.
Relaxing and ready for the feature to begin.