Thursday, August 19, 2010

Super Star

Ian LOVES making music these days. Here is just a taste of what I see (and hear) on a daily basis. I'm not sending this footage out to any record labels yet, but I think he definitely has stage presence! :) (Sorry the video is kind of shaky...I was doing my best to not laugh while filming.)

Boat Ride

The last night we were there we went on a boat ride around the lake. Ian had been wanting to do this since the moment we arrived; we certainly saved the best for last. Walking down to the dock with Pappa Jim.

All ready to go!

Waiting patiently, with a little bit of apprehension, for the boat to leave the dock.

Assisting the captain with navigation, and having a fantastic time!!

Granni Jo and Pappa Jim's beautiful home.

Hot, but extremely happy, little boy.

Heading back home.

Fun at the Lakehouse

Ian soaked up every minute with Granni Jo and Pappa Jim that he could; that meant that Mama got a little bit of time to herself (which is a rarity these days). Here are some of the fun things he did with them. Mixing up a cake from scratch. After his nap, the first thing he said was, "I want some cake." Ian's memory impresses me daily (and it makes my mind work extra hard trying to remember the exact thing we were doing that he is talking about).
Reading stories.
Using a remote control car for the first time...not quite sure which one of these boys enjoyed it more! :)

Trying on Granni Jo's gardening hat.

Going to the Lake

Almost 2 weeks ago, Ian and I headed to East Texas for a little vacation. This was Ian's first long car trip since he was a baby, but he was a great passenger. We had a wonderful time, and we hope you enjoy the pictures! He did not sleep the entire trip, but this was during his short 1 hour nap.

On Day #2, he couldn't wait any longer and had to get onto the boat.

Checking out the water and taking it all in.
Throwing rocks.

"Helping" Granni Jo blow some grass off of the path. Ian loves anything that he can turn on and that makes noise.
Can you tell this kid is excited about getting on the paddle boat? (I didn't get any pictures of us in the paddle boat since I left my camera on shore so it wouldn't get wet. Ian enjoyed driving while Granni Jo and I paddled.)

Here Ian is "playing my flute." He can make just about anything into a musical instrument...and somehow manages to always find the best way to make it play the loudest!

Boats and Cars

Ian was looking forward to "sailing away on a big boat" since I told him we were going to the lake. Here is a little video of him "driving" the boat and then seeing one of his favorite things. (Sorry the quality isn't better; videos don't ever look good on blogger, but these were too cute not to share.)

Ian's first experience at using remote control cars.