Friday, January 23, 2009

Future Pitcher?

Ian's third tooth finally cut through today!! His top right tooth is barely poking through, and I hope his top left tooth comes in right behind it. I tried to get some pictures today of his last toothless smile, but he didn't want any part of the picture taking. Ian still isn't crawling, but one new thing he does is dropping toys from any height he is at (in the shopping cart, in his exersaucer, in his high chair). Before he drops them, he leans over so that he can watch every second of the action. I now bring snacks for him when I go shopping so that he is occupied (he has yet to throw any food, and I think it is because he likes to eat too much!). He has also started throwing things. For Christmas, Ian got a Fridge Wash (it goes on the fridge and has 10 different parts you can put in the wash and it plays music and talks), and it is the perfect toy to keep him occupied while I am cooking. The past few days he has started throwing the pieces and loves watching them bounce on the floor. I was able to capture him today on video. It is cute now, but I can see it getting tiring in the not-too-distant future (tiring for me, not for him).

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hello 2009

Here are an assortment of pictures that have accumulated since 2009 began. Ian is doing great, and his allergies are under control now that the cedar count has gone back down. Hopefully he will outgrow some of these allergies, otherwise, he'll be on medication for the rest of his life! :) Rolling around on the floor.
As everyone can plainly see, Ian makes short work of teething biscuits these days while managing to get nearly every surface within his reach sticky. I make sure to only give him these biscuits on nights that he has a bath.

He wouldn't let that teething biscuit out of his hand! Not even for a drink.

Having a bath without a baby bath tub. I thought he might be scared, but he loved it! He was most fascinated by the shiny bath tub fixtures and drain. (I was trying out a mohawk on him during this bath.)

Fish lips.

Swinging on a beautiful day, and enjoying every minute of it.

Watching some older kids play on the play scape.

Since Ian has become more proficient at feeding himself, he seems to use his pincher grasps all the time. It is so cute when he holds his hand out to you and opens and closes his finger and thumb. As you can see, he was doing it with both hands while swinging.