Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Fun

We have been taking advantage of fun activities going on around us; here are some pictures of various things we have been doing. The weather has finally turned cooler, and it is nice for it to actually feel like fall!Nelli's church had a fall festival last weekend, and Ian enjoyed riding on this barrel train. He thought it was even better than the one he rode on in Marble Falls because a golf cart was pulling it instead of a tractor; who knew a golf cart would have the upper hand?Lance, Ian, and Brady.Of course he had to drive this firetruck. The first thing he tried to do was honk the horn. Thank goodness the horn doesn't work if the keys are not in the ignition. :)
Boys of all sizes like checking out the tools and equipment on a fire truck.
Brady and Ian were captivated by everything about this firetruck.
Today we went to a little Halloween playdate, and someone made this amazing cake. Wish I could take credit for it!
Last year's costume has made many appearances this year. I'm amazed that it still fits!
Lining up to go outside and find some candy and books.It's near impossible to have everyone look a the same camera at the same time, but they were all so cute and excited to be dressed up.
And here's a sneak peak of an alligator that just might come knocking at your door on the 31st...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's Raining!!

We got about 2.5 inches of rain last weekend, and Ian took full advantage of the opportunity to play in the precipitation.
Trying to figure out how to close the umbrella; he wants to know how EVERYTHING works.
Forget the umbrella, let's play some kickball!! :)

Halloween Cookies

This time last year was our first experience in making cookies least I knew what kind of mess I was in for this time! Ian is such a good helper and always wants to be a part of whatever I am doing. Enjoy the little chef hard at work!
Trying out the cookie dough.Cleaning up.
Trying to get sprinkles off of his hands; this just meant they got spread all over the floor. :)Final product.

Pumpkin Patch

We went to a wonderful pumpkin patch last weekend, and, wouldn't you know, we haven't had rain in months and it rained that morning! It didn't dampen our spirits, and the sun did come out later. Ian had a great time, and was running from one thing to another when we first got there since there was so much to see...he wanted to make sure he didn't miss out on one single thing!
He is obliging me with a picture, but his face is saying, "Hurry up Mommy, there is so much to explore here!"Of course he had to drive the boat full of pumpkins!Ian and Ken...enjoying themselves despite the rain.When the firefighter told him he could get inside the firetruck, he didn't waste ANY time climbing up.
Buckled up and ready to go.That smile says it all. :) I think the fire truck was one of his favorite things that day.Feeding the goats.
Climbing up for the hay ride.Taking time to smell the flowers...Anyone who knows this little guy, knows how he sneezes when allergens are high. :) Once we got away from the flowers, the sneezing stopped.The photo doesn't do justice to how beautiful the flowers were.No fear of the chickens. Too bad there wasn't any chicken feed because he is practiced up in that department! :)Listening for the wagon that was pulling the trailer for a hay ride.
"There it is!!"Hay bales dressed up as pigs.Barrel ride.Such joy.The tunnel that passed under the road to connect to another part of the times for a little boy!Showing off his muscles in front of these huge pumpkins.Picking out just the right one...Thinking about the delicious pumpkin ice cream we had just eaten; we all wished that we had bought 2 servings instead of just 1. Ian adored "driving" all of these small tractors. This farm was truly heaven for this sweet boy!
Waving from the "yeller" barrel...who doesn't like an old farmer with a good Texas drawl? :)