Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Night In

We enjoyed a sunny evening in our backyard after almost a week of rain.  
 Getting ready to roast the first marshmallow.
 No problem getting the whole marshmallow into his mouth.

 Assembling his smore.

This one got a little too close to the flame. He blew it out and then promptly handed it off for me to eat.
 Being a sticky mess is guaranteed. :)

 Ian always has at least one car with him these days; he loves finding new places to race them.
 Checking out the ants crawling on the tree.
 Pulling the imaginary cord on his lawn mower to start it up.

Checking out the yard next to to us to see if anything exciting was happening.

Random Shots

There always seem to be a few random photos that don't belong in a blog post all by themselves, so I grouped the latest ones together. :)
I was in the middle of folding some laundry that was nice and warm out of the dryer, and Ian couldn't resist snuggling under it and putting some socks on his hands.
Swimming at Mr.John and Mimi's pool.  He is very comfortable in the water, and we are both looking forward to his swimming lessons in a few weeks.
 Kicking to the other side of the pool.
I found him all wrapped up like this one night after he had fallen asleep.  Even at the end of the day he makes me smile.

4th of July

I had to work on the 4th this year, but I made it home just in time to enjoy some fireworks.  This was the first year that we purchased some fireworks for Ian to do.  When we got to the fireworks stand, he was amazed by how many choices and colors there were.  I think his exact words were, "Mommy, look at how beautiful they are!!" He helped me light our fireworks, and then we enjoyed Leander's firework show from our balcony.  

Backyard Bible Club

Instead of Vacation Bible School, our church does a Backyard Bible Club where the whole neighborhood is invited to come and learn about Jesus.  We hosted a club at our house this year, and Ian loved having so many friends come over to play fun games, sing silly songs, and hear stories out of the bible. 

Singing a song with funny movements to go along with it.
Ian and our next-door-neighbor, Braden.
Anticipating being "it" during a game on water day.  I love his excitement!

Playing Drip, Drip, Drop...just like Duck, Duck, Goose except with water.  The big kids were really great about including the smaller kids.

Fun water game.

Ready to catch a water balloon.  His friend, Bethany, was ready to throw hers.