Monday, November 9, 2009

Ian's Incredible Halloween

The month of October has come and gone, and it will be Christmas before I know it. Ian is doing great and has turned into quite the climber (up and down stairs, on shelves, furniture, etc.), so I have to keep an extra close eye on him when I hear things get quiet around the house. Enjoy the pictures from October!
Helping clean out the pumpkin seeds.

This is the only time he ever made a face when handling the insides of the pumpkin...he loves to eat, but raw pumpkin obviously isn't his favorite.

Finished product.
Some ghost cookies I made for a Halloween party we went to.
We went to a pumpkin patch for a Stroller Strides playdate, and though it was a little soggy from all the rain we had gotten, Ian enjoyed finally being able to be outside again. Here he is watching Brian play with the festive observant.
Now it was Ian's turn to see what was in the little wheelbarrow.

Clearly not a fan of the corn!

He didn't want to sit and have his picture made, so this was as good as I could do. Do you think he is imitating the scarecrows?

Ian dressed up as one of the Incredibles for trick-or-treating. We went on Halloween Eve since I had to work on Halloween. Some of our very nice neighbors turned their porch lights on and let Ian be their first trick-or-treater of the year. He caught on pretty quick and was knocking on the doors all by himself after the first house. The costume was a bit big, but he still looked adorable.
What a strong superhero!

Practicing holding the pumpkin before going to the first house.

Once he was in the garage, he took off down the driveway like he knew exactly what to do.

Happy Halloween!