Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Swinging, Rocking, and Clapping

This weekend Megan and Natty came to visit, and we enjoyed spending Saturday afternoon together. Natalie was so excited to bake cookies and decorate them with her MomMom; I'm sure that Ian will enjoy "helping" with the cookie festivities next year along with eating them! It was a beautiful weekend and we enjoyed some time outside now that it isn't so incredibly hot. Ian started clapping his hands on Saturday, and, even though I am kind of partial, I have to say it is the cutest thing he has done so far. I look at him every day and realize how lucky we are. Ian and I are off to Georgia on Friday to see Phil for 7 days. Hopefully our flights are on time, and Ian is a good traveler. It has been 2 months since we've seen Phil, and I know that he can't wait to hold our little man again! Picture time with Natty (don't you just love her "pantyhose" as she called them?) by MomMom's pumpkin patch.
Getting a closer look at the scarecrow.

Having a wonderful time swinging.

Peering over the edge of the rocking chair.

Once Ian realized he could rock back and forth, he was pretty proud of himself.

Clapping his little hands.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Fun

This weekend has flown by, and I was able to capture some moments on my camera. On Friday we had an exciting trip to Target to purchase Ian some shoes and some 12 month clothes (he's already wearing 9 month clothes and he could very well wake up tomorrow and not be able to fit into any of them...I can't believe how quickly he is growing!). Since it is starting to get cooler, Ian might actually be able to wear some of the pants and long-sleeved shirts he has one time before he gets too big for them. We took full advantage of the cooler weather, and he wore his first windsuit on Friday. As you can see, he was looking sporty. I also introduced him to the sport his Daddy is so passionate about with his first soccer ball. He studied it intently and enjoyed the fact that it made noise when he hit it...maybe he will be a keeper since he couldn't keep his hands off the ball. My parents came over on Friday evening for dinner, and Ian enjoyed the time with his Grammie and Granddad. On Saturday, we met our friends' (Lance and Ronni) little boy, Brady, for the first time. He is 4 1/2 months old and truly adorable. Ian was interested in trying to touch Brady and listened intently while Brady told Ian stories only the two of them could understand. I think that the adults enjoyed the time together more than the boys did, but it was wonderful to get our little guys together for the first time. Today we went to lunch with Phil's parents, and Ian enjoyed being passed back and forth between MomMom and DadDad. Ian still hasn't cut any teeth, but I am praying to the Gods who hold uninterrupted sleep in the palm of their hands that they come through any day now. I shouldn't be complaining; I'm not the one with teeth trying to make their way to the surface. I'm just sleep-deprived, not sleep-deprived AND cutting teeth, right?
Ian in da hood.
"You talking to me?"
Finding his mobile more interesting than the soccer ball at the moment.
"Now, what am I supposed to do with this exactly?"
Ian reaching for Brady's hand. Sorry these pictures didn't come out so well, but it was a little difficult to make sure Ian didn't fall over backward, lean back far enough to get both of them in the picture, and take the picture when both of them were looking at the same time.

So handsome and happy in his overalls and new shoes.
Sitting in the high chair at lunch today. It's amazing to me that he is big enough to be sitting in a high chair, playing with toys, and finding new toys all around him (the menu, silverware, flowers, sugar packets, etc.). He also thought that the edge of the table was a good teether before I distracted him with a sippy cup.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rainy Day

Today it rained all day long. We have been needing the rain, so it was a welcome weather change and it is starting to feel a little bit like fall (FINALLY). I have been a bad Mommy and have not posted new pictures in a very long time (somebody please slap my wrist), so I decided to take pictures of things Ian did today since we stayed inside to keep dry. There are quite a few pictures, but I felt like I needed to make up for lost time. Enjoy! Pouring down rain on the front porch.
Slightly flooded back yard (I am already having nightmares about how muddy the dogs are going to be over the next few days).
Hanging out and playing in his pajamas.
Making silly faces with the pacifier. He normally won't take a pacifier, but he likes to play with it.
We tried a new fruit (bananas and mixed berries) for breakfast today, but Ian didn't care for it at all. He had 3 bites, and then would no longer open his mouth for me.
He likes peaches much better.
I had to get a shot of the footie pajamas. I think that they are supposed to be rhinoceroses on his feet. So cute!

Now that he is sitting, anything that he sees and wants he goes diving for, regardless of if it makes him fall over or not.
"Mommy, look what I have."
Laughing while the dog talks to him. He finds certain things the dog says hysterical.
"Are you done taking pictures yet??"
Just woke up from a nap.

"I'm refreshed and ready to play."
Starting to roll over.
This is normally how I find Ian when he wakes up. He somehow manages to scoot all the way over in his crib before rolling over, and, since he doesn't have enough room to completely roll over, it makes him mad and he is sure to let me know all about it!
Uncle Josh came over today and brought some new toys for Ian to play with.
Pushing the penguin with all his might. (When you push it over, it bounces right back up; he was pretty amused by the fact that it never stayed down.)

"Thanks Uncle Josh! I love my new toys."
"Hmmm...now what do I want to play with next?"
Naked boy before his bath. I just love all of his rolls and dimples.
This picture justifies what a healthy boy Ian is (what a cute little Buddha Belly).
Nice and clean.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Cheap Entertainment

Today Ian played his first instrument: the stainless steel bowl. After Mommy showed him that he could make noise with the spoon and bowl, he took the spoon in his little hand and tried it out for himself. As you can see, he enjoyed himself immensely. I may soon regret that I taught him how to create this noise, but for now I'm amazed at how well-coordinated he is becoming. So proud of himself!
I don't know if I will ever get to cook with this bowl again. Ian has claimed it as his new toy. :)
Here's another thing that the spoon is good for: a teether.
He had such a look of concentration and determination on his face.