Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Swim Lessons

Ian finished his swim lessons last week.  It was amazing to watch his confidence and skills grow every day.  This was a great experience, and, most importantly, he had fun each day and made new friends!
Day 1
Waiting for class to start.
Starfish arms.
Using a kick board and focusing on this new skill.

Bubble blowing. He does this every night in the bathtub now. :)
Simon says "Make a silly face."

Day 4

Rocket ship arms.

Day 8

Getting ready to go under...
Success!!  Going all the way underwater was a huge accomplishment for Ian and something that has now become lots of fun.

Practicing ice cream scoops.

On the last day, they had a "fun day" and Ian had a blast going down the slide.

Dolphins 1 complete...on to Dolphins 2 next summer.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lake Visit

We try to make it to GranniJo and PoppaJim's lake house at least once a year.  This year we were able to visit at the end of July and had a relaxing and fun time...not too restful since someone likes to be up long before daybreak on vacations. :)
Headed down to the boat dock.

Pure joy!