Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do You See What I See?

The other night as I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner, I heard Ian talking about "going shopping" in his playroom. The next thing I knew, he was pushing his little shopping cart into the kitchen and was proudly showing off "My hat." Is it just my imagination or does his "hat" slightly resemble a swim diaper? I was laughing so hard and had to capture this priceless moment forever!

Later that same evening, a tiger came crawling right at me!! (I think the tail is too cute.)

Here he is growling loudly. What a silly boy I had on my hands that night! :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Music Fun

The library hosted a musician today that performs kid's songs. Ian loves music, instruments, and dancing, so I figured this would be something fun for him. It took a little while for him to warm up (but that is typical of Ian...he observes EVERYTHING and then decides whether or not he wants to participate), but then he had a blast jumping, singing, and playing with all of the neat props they had.
Using some rhythm sticks as very long binoculars.

Marching to the beat of his own drum. Ian preferred to walk around with his sticks making music instead of doing what all the other kids were doing.

Ian spied the extra-large bubble container and just KNEW that would be more fun than playing with the bubbles that the bubble machine was making! :)

Trying to catch some bubbles.
Here he is exploring on the stage area making sure that he was shown everything there was to play with, and that nothing accidentally slipped past him.

And he did find one thing that he hadn't been able to touch yet...the microphone! Gosh, I love this curious boy!! :)

Backyard Bible Club

Instead of Vacation Bible School, our church does something called Backyard Bible Club where the high school kids teach kids from different neighborhoods about Jesus, scripture, and being a Christian. The material is really geared for kids older than Ian, but one of our friends, who live in our neighborhood, hosted in their yard and they have a son about 2 months younger than Ian. These pictures are from the day they did water activities, and Ian did everything he could to keep up with the big kids!
Trying to get a drink after the sprinkler was turned off.

In the middle of all the activity, but focused only on getting the grass off of his feet. :)

Ian and Riley sitting still and listening...that is hard to come by with two 2-year olds.

Hanging out with the big boys.
Enjoying some juicy watermelon.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jump Around

We have a fantastic inflatable playground that recently opened near our house, and Ian loves it. The first time we went, he was slightly timid, but, after he got the hang of it, he bounced around to his little heart's content (this also meant that he slept REALLY well that night!). There is an area that is just for kids 4 and under, but Ian likes to visit the big kids' area as well.

The construction-themed one is his favorite.

Going through a mini-obstacle course.
Giving a kiss to the horse in the farmhouse jumper.
Sizing up the forklift driver.
Heading in to the train station (there is a huge train that wraps around the station).

Freedom, Fireworks, and Fun

This Fourth of July we spent with my parents and brother, Justin. We had a great time swimming, eating, playing, laughing, and seeing fireworks. It can be so easy to take for granted how lucky we are to grow up in the "land of the free." So much was sacrificed for this freedom, and Ian is blessed to be able to grow up in a country where he can go wherever he wants and be whatever he wants to be. This year, I decided to keep Ian up to see the fireworks. Around 9 pm, when he is usually in bed, he started yelling, "Go home RIGHT NOW!!" The fireworks didn't start until 9:30, so I was torn as to whether to press on and watch the fireworks or go home. Nobody around us minded my unhappy toddler, and I knew that he would enjoy the fireworks once they started, so we persevered. As the fireworks began, he oohed and aahed over the "sparkly fireworks." After the show was over, in true 2 year old fashion, he demanded, "More fireworks!" and did not want to leave. Aahh...the joys of raising a 2 year old. :)

Splashing "Uncle Just"

Getting the feel of a golf course.

Running (how Ian gets just about everywhere he goes).
I love this picture. You can just see his little mind taking everything in, and he always takes advantage of putting his hands in his pockets.

Ian's first experience with fireworks. He only got to throw poppers this may be a few years until he can have a hand at something more dangerous.

Lazy Saturday Morning

Isn't it nice to just hang out in bed some mornings? Ian wanted to get into "Mama's bed" and was being a silly boy...a perfect opportunity for me to snap some cute photos.