Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bath Time

Ian has gotten too big for his infant bath tub, but still isn't steady enough to bathe in the big bath tub. He has graduated to a larger tub, and we tried it out for the first time tonight (along with some new toys...thank you MomMom). He enjoyed kicking in the water and seeing his toys float. It was a bit harder to bathe him though, since he wanted to sit up and play at the same time that I wanted to wash him. Once I gave him his own washcloth, he was content and appeared to forget about the toys while I finished his bath. Thinking hard about whether or not this new bathtub is a good thing.
Having fun playing and laughing with his toys.

After every bath, he turns his face so that he can look in the mirror and find me. He loves bath time and laughs when I dry him off (it can take a while to make sure that every one of his rolls is dry). Aren't hooded bath towels just the best thing ever invented?

Sitting with Assistance

Ian is getting stronger every day and tries to sit up with all of his might. But, he doesn't quite have the hang of it and normally topples over, head first, trying to get to his toes. He is starting to hold himself up with his arms in front of him, and it won't be long before he's mastered this skill. We had to go shopping for him last Saturday and buy some bigger clothes; 6-9 month clothes hanging in his closet have seemed so big for so long, but now they are going to fit him perfectly. I had purchased a Texas Tech outfit a while back, and found a hat that went with a 6-9 month outfit. One look at it told me that it might not even fit now, so I tried it on his little head. He looked adorable, but I don't think he'll be getting much use out of it.
Talking and trying to reach Mommy's camera. He is grabbing for everything now, so I have to be careful what I'm doing when he's in my arms. We have made several messes due to the quick hands of Mr. Ian.
What a handsome Texas Tech fan!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Last Friday, Ian tried carrots for the first time. He didn't bat an eye at the new food and eagerly opened his mouth for more. He enjoys his food immensely, and has started crying if I don't have another spoonful ready the second that his mouth is empty. On Saturday, once he finished his serving of carrots and I was cleaning him up, he pitched an almighty fit complete with tears and lots of screaming. He was so upset that the food was gone, and that he wasn't getting anymore for the evening (one might think that this child never gets fed by the way he was acting; clearly, as evidenced by the rolls on his arms and legs, he is meeting his nutritional needs). So, at the end of every meal, I am prepared for a small temper tantrum until I can get him out of his chair and distract him with something else. Ian had squash today, and enjoyed every bite. He is eating real food twice a day now and gets so excited once he is strapped into his chair and the bib gets put on. It didn't take him long to learn this new routine!
Before Ian's first bite of carrots. Doesn't he look nice and clean? "Mom, I can see that there is more in the bowl. So close, yet so far away thanks to my short little arms."
I think he knows where the spoon is supposed to go. He'll be feeding himself before too long! While he was doing this, he managed to smear carrots along the right side of his cheek (see picture below).
After his first experience with carrots.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweet Potatoes

I can hardly believe that Ian is old enough for solid food; the last 5 months have really flown by. His pediatrician recommended we wait until he was 5 months old and start him on orange vegetables, instead of rice cereal (he explained that our beautiful, chubby boy probably doesn't need any extra carbs). Ian will be 5 months old on the 21st, and he has been eying my plate at every meal for the last few weeks, so I figured that he was ready to try some real food (real food is actually pureed, watery baby food, but at least he gets to taste something new). Today I put a bib on him for the first time (of course it had to be a Texas Tech bib), warmed up a few spoonfuls of sweet potato, and fully expected to be wearing the majority of it after this feeding exercise. Surprisingly, Ian didn't make a face with the first bite and opened his mouth for the second bite. It was so much fun to watch him smack his lips and make funny faces. Of course he wanted to hold the spoon, but Mommy had to intervene when he tried to stick the whole thing in his mouth. He didn't spit much out, but was able to get his hands in his mouth and spread some sweet potato on his face and bib. I was amazed at how well he did, and he managed to eat almost the entire amount that I had prepared. It looks like he is going to take after his Mommy who enjoys eating so very much! That first bite sure was tasty.
Funny face.

He still enjoys chewing on his fingers.

Just relaxing in my chair to help digest my food.

First Flight

We flew to Kansas this past weekend to see my extended family, and Ian was the best little traveler. He slept during all of our flights and enjoyed looking at all of the people who stopped to talk to him in the airport. Even though our flight out of Dallas got delayed an hour, and we didn't make it to our hotel until midnight, Ian still slept through the night and was a happy boy in the morning. My cousin got married on Friday evening,and Ian cried for almost the entire ceremony. We went to see my Grandmom on Saturday, and she got to meet her 8th great-grandchild. Our flights were on time on Sunday, and Ian enjoyed sleeping in his own crib Sunday night. Here are some pictures from our trip, and there is a short video of Ian "talking" (he kind of sounds like a teradactyl) in the airport at the bottom of the post. Enjoy! Getting ready for his first flight. He doesn't look a bit nervous.
Ian and Mommy standing in front of the plane.
Playing in Mommy's bed in the morning.
Just relaxing after a rough night of traveling
Haning out in his stroller. Ian loves to get his left foot propped up on the edge of the stroller.
Uncle Fred sure is a fun guy to play with!
Doesn't he look handsome? Because Ian was fussy for the majority of the wedding and reception, this is the only picture we took. Oh well, at least we were able to get one of him smiling before we left for the wedding.
Sleeping peacefully on the way to the wedding.

Playing with Aunt Barb at her house.
Uncle Norm sure is a funny guy. There's no telling what he might have been saying to Ian!
Grandmom meets Ian for the first time.
Holding on tight to my Great-Grandmom's finger. (He knows a kind, loving woman when he sees one.)

Grandmom, Ian, and Mommy

The whole gang after dinner.I sure am getting sleepy.
Sweet dreams, my little boy.
Sitting out on Aunt Barb and Uncle Norm's patio.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Daddy's Chair

Tonight, after putting on his jammies, Ian thought it would be fun to sit in his Daddy's recliner. He enjoyed rocking, laughing, and, of course, chewing on his fingers before going to sleep. He loves to be propped up so that he can look around and have a different perspective of his world. Tomorrow I will be taking Ian on his first plane ride! We will be traveling to Kansas so that he can meet his Great-Grandmom, and I'll be sure to get lots of pictures of the trip. Everyone keep their fingers crossed that he doesn't get airsick (I've already got extra outfits for him and an extra shirt for me packed just in case...).

Monday, August 11, 2008

Playtime with Natty

Ian's cousin, Natalie, has come to Liberty Hill to visit. We went over to see her last week and let the two of them interact. She absolutely adores him, and he is captivated by her. Natalie is incredibly gentle with Ian and loves to hug and kiss him. Whenever she is "holding" him (someone is always within arms reach since Ian tends to dive to one side or the other without much notice) she instructs me to "take a picture." I'm sure that she will be instructing Ian on what he can and cannot do in the not-too-distant future!

After picture time, MomMom helped Ian have his first ride on the rocking cow. He did a good job of holding on and keeping himself upright, but his favorite part was chewing on the horns. It looks like he rocked himself to sleep, but he just happened to blink his eyes when the picture was taken.

Ian is getting stronger every day. He is starting to get his arms underneath his body and push with them when he is on his tummy. He enjoys tummy time more, now that he can hold his head up and look around instead of just looking at the ground.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Frog Legs

Ian is holding his head up more every day, and is increasingly more observant of his surroundings. As he begins to explore the world around him, everything that is near his grasp is placed in his mouth. I was able to capture him "tasting" a frog leg and duck bill today. And, of course, what day wouldn't be complete without a little spit-up?

Playing in the Crib

I'm such a happy boy when I wake up from naps.
Who is that handsome boy in the mirror?
Talking to himself.
It is so much fun to play on Mommy and Daddy's bed!!