Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Team Pictures

The Dragons had their team pictures after practice one night.  It is so hard to have everyone look in one direction and have their eyes open, but we did our best!  The sports director told them that he had to have at least one good one because some of them would be playing for the Texas Rangers one day, and they needed to remember their first team. :)  I'm not sure why most of their mouths are open in the first one, but the silly ones always seem to turn out best!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Round Rock Express Game

We try to go to an Express game every year, and this year Ian was even more excited to go since he was in the middle of his tee ball season.  He watched every play so intently, and we actually got to see a grand slam.  The day we went was Kid's Day which meant there were lots of fun activities before the game and then Ian got to run around the bases after the game was over.  This little boy was in heaven!!  We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at the ballpark!
The train conductor helped him sit on the engine after taking a ride.

There was a booth for balloon art, and Ian immediately asked for a sword.  Miraculously, it didn't pop or get lost for the entire game.
Ian LOVES H E Buddy, and we were lucky to find him in the stands before the game.

First experience with shelled peanuts.  He thought is was great fun that he could throw the shells on the ground and it wasn't littering!

The National Anthem is serious business. :)

High five for Spike.

Not quite sure who he was waving to while waiting to run around the bases, but I couldn't get over his feet in this picture!
Rounding third.
Safe at home!
Hot and sweaty after his sprint around the bases.
On our way home, I stopped to get some pictures of Ian in the bluebonnets.  He was hot and tired, but every Texan needs a photo with the state flower...this year they were really beautiful.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tee Ball Game #4

Halfway through Ian's tee ball season, I brought my camera and captured some fun shots of him.  Luckily, he was able to place his favorite 2 positions (first base and pitcher...almost every ball comes to those positions since everyone is just learning how to hit and they are coached to throw it to first base so there is a little bit of consistency), and I got some great action photos.  We were so thankful to enjoy a nice sunny game for a change!
First one to his position and waiting for everyone else to get on the field.

Throwing the ball back to home plate...he has a very interesting follow-through. :)

Last minute coaching advice.

Getting the dirt just right on the pitcher's mound...

Ian always has something to say...even in the middle of the post-game huddle. :)

Good game!