Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Cookies

We made cookies for Santa (and a few for us) last night, and Ian had so much fun. He told me a few days ago that he wanted to give Santa a bat cookie. It took a little bit of memory searching to remember that the last time we made cookies, they were Halloween cookies. Ian just assumed that all cookies were in the shapes of ghosts, candy corn, and bats! After showing him our Christmas cookie cutters, he proudly told me, " Oh, I get it!" A fun memory for Christmas 2010!
First off, he had to sample the cookie dough.

Focused on his work.
Trying more cookie dough...it's a wonder we actually had some dough left to bake cookies with!
I had distracted Ian with "Frosty the Snowman" while I prepared the frosting and put the sprinkles in small containers for him. Here he is realizing that it is almost REALLY time to decorate the cookies...shouting for joy!


Admiring his hard work!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zilker Tree

Ian and I met my brother Justin for dinner and a visit to the Zilker Tree. This was Ian's first time to the Zilker Tree, and he was so excited when he first saw it from a distance. I think his statement was something to the effect of "That's the biggest Christmas tree I've ever seen!!" We had a fun time, and it was hard to get Ian to settle down to go to sleep after all that excitement.

Bundled up and ready to go...that smile says it all!

View from the ground looking up to the top.

One of many falls after getting too dizzy from spinning.

They had these cute little cut-outs, but no step stools for the kids to stand on, so this was the best shot I got (thanks Uncle for holding Ian up!).
We bought some hot chocolate, but Ian just wanted the marshmallows. A very nice lady gave him half a cup full of marshmallows, and he proceeded to eat every last one! :) (I love that he is still looking up at all the lights while stuffing his face.)

Too busy eating marshmallows to smile.

Reaching out to hug a Santa display.
One last spin before heading home!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Stroll

We met my parents in Georgetown last Saturday for the Christmas Stroll. It was a beautiful night, and there was lots to see and do. Ian's favorite thing (other than wanting to go into every booth and "shop" for things he desperately needed) was the hula hoops near the stage where they had live music. Ian tried to copy what the other boys and girls were doing, so he spun around, holding the hula hoop, and then tried to keep his balance as he became more dizzy. It was a fun night and a good way to get into the Christmas spirit!

Looking up at the star.

Going through the hula hoop was a safer alternative.

Sharing some fresh kettle corn.