Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lake Vacation

Ian and I took a little vacation last week to visit GranniJo and PoppaJim at their lake house. It was hot and the lake level was extremely low, but we still had a relaxing time and made some special memories.
Getting ready to go out on the paddle boat.Everyone was focused on backing into the water.Collecting shells.I'm not quite sure what he was doing here, but he was definitely having fun!
Having fun in the sprinkler.Ian got to hear lots of new stories.Running errands with PoppaJim. I'm not sure who's most excited in this picture. :)
On a mission for some shells...which were then all thrown into the lake.
This gives you a good idea of how low the lake is. Hopefully they will get some rain soon to fill it back up.Nighttime stories with PoppaJim.

Splash Park

A fantastic new splash park opened up near us, and we have been several times. It is huge and has a variety of things for Ian to enjoy. This Mommy learned to be more careful as to where I was standing to prevent being ambushed by different water features! :) Here are some photos from one of our visits
Water slide.Trying to spray someone with the water cannon.Ducking under the water.

And, of course, trying to drink the water! :)

Express Game

Ian got to attend his first minor league baseball game a few weeks ago. We went with my parents and Ian had a great time. He lasted until the top of the 7th inning, and then it became quite apparent it was time for bed. We had a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to taking him to more games in the future.Handing me my ticket.Can you tell by the look on his face how excited he was to meet H-E-Buddy?
"Singing" the national anthem.Quietly observing and taking in every detail.
You have to eat a hot dog at the ballpark.
All the kids were given a backpack as they walked into the game and Ian wanted to wear his everywhere. It's hard to believe in a few short years, Ian will be wearing a backpack to kindergarten!I really was there...with a silly and funny boy!

Picture Face

Lately, Ian has decided instead of smiling, he likes to make the same silly face when I ask him to look at the camera. I don't know who he learned it from, but he is definitely consistent. The following are just a few examples of what a lot of my pictures look like these days, not to mention our life! :)