Friday, May 14, 2010

Kiddie Acres

A few weekends ago, everyone was healthy and the weather was nice, so I took Ian to the amusement park I wanted to take him to for his birthday...just a month later than anticipated. This park is a place that my parents took me and my brothers to when we were growing up. It was fun to see Ian discover and enjoy something that I had also enjoyed as a child.
Getting his first glimpse of Kiddie Acres. The excitement was pouring off of him!
Trying to figure out exactly what is about to happen prior to his first ride.

As you can see, he quickly got the hang of it.

Just checking things out while in complete control of his boat.

Waving to his fans.

The airplanes where Ian's favorite. I literally had to carry him out kicking and screaming after his last ride on the airplane...oh the joys of raising a 2 year old! :)

Sharing a funny moment with Uncle Justin.

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