Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dedication Day

This past Sunday was Child Dedication Day at our church. We belong to a small, growing church, and Ian loves going. When we pull into the parking lot, he claps his hands and yells "Yay church!" I never would have guessed that he would be the child that was excited and happy to go to church, since he screamed and cried when I would drop him off in the nursery when we first started going. It has taken time (and LOTS of patience from the children's ministry team) to get us to clapping instead of crying when we arrive. It was a special day, and I hope his enthusiasm continues.

Ian doesn't ever get to hear the music during the service since he is in the nursery. The dedication was at the beginning of the service, so he got to hear the first few songs. Ian is a very observant little boy and likes to take everything in before he makes up his mind as to whether or not something is okay in his book. In this first picture he is taking it all in.

Tapping his toes to the beat (and looking down to make sure that they are tapping).

Truly enjoying the music and clapping along. He liked it so much that, after the dedication, he didn't want to go to the nursery. I might have a hard time convincing him that the nursery is more fun than the adult service from here on out!

My friend Courtney, whom I worked with while we were going to school at Tech, and her husband, Josh, were dedicating their daughter, Olivia. Ian and Olivia are almost exactly one year apart.

Collecting his certificate and not wanting much help from his Mama. :)

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