Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mundane March

I haven't posted in over a month, and really nothing has been going on that is picture-worthy. Doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, potty training, playing outside when the weather has been nice, reading books, coloring, and grocery shopping are what the last few weeks have entailed for us. But, last week when the realization hit that my little boy will be 3 this month, I dusted the camera off and started taking pictures. It sounds cliche, but children grow up too quickly, and Ian seems to change overnight sometimes. Even though the following pictures are nothing exciting, it is our daily life. Ian is such a loving, sweet boy, and I have to remind myself of that boy when he is having a tantrum or a bad day (which are becoming fewer). I'll especially need that reminder 10-15 years down the road when he is a teenager! :)

Throwing the baseball up and hitting it with the himself since I was making dinner. :)

Racing cars along the track.
Train conductor.
Figuring out a puzzle.
Playing with Alfie with an abundance of toys scattered around.

Taking a walk and looking at his shadow.
Constantly exploring rocks, sticks, and dirt on the ground.
Armful of rocks for...
throwing in the water.

Intensely discovering.
Arms full of rocks, walking toward the water to throw them in, and pointing out an airplane. He's a busy boy!
Writing letters in the gravel.

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