Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sprinkler Fun

It has been so hot here that we are scheduling our day around water activities already! Ian had a blast playing in the sprinkler one afternoon in the backyard. I'm sure we'll be spending many more afternoons just like this.

Of course you have to taste it to make sure it will be an appropriate temperature to play in.Getting ready to run through.Mischievously getting ready to pour water on my feet.

Focused.Perfecting the art of standing on the sprinkler and then releasing his foot to see how high it will spray.

Drying off.


Geoff and Sherry said...

ALL Boy!!! And you can water the lawn too!

Mary Lyn Jones said...

Such cute pictures!! We enjoyed seeing you at Brady's birthday party. Looks like Ian is having fun this summer staying cool.
Love ya, Mary Lyn Jones