Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Fun

We have been taking advantage of fun activities going on around us; here are some pictures of various things we have been doing. The weather has finally turned cooler, and it is nice for it to actually feel like fall!Nelli's church had a fall festival last weekend, and Ian enjoyed riding on this barrel train. He thought it was even better than the one he rode on in Marble Falls because a golf cart was pulling it instead of a tractor; who knew a golf cart would have the upper hand?Lance, Ian, and Brady.Of course he had to drive this firetruck. The first thing he tried to do was honk the horn. Thank goodness the horn doesn't work if the keys are not in the ignition. :)
Boys of all sizes like checking out the tools and equipment on a fire truck.
Brady and Ian were captivated by everything about this firetruck.
Today we went to a little Halloween playdate, and someone made this amazing cake. Wish I could take credit for it!
Last year's costume has made many appearances this year. I'm amazed that it still fits!
Lining up to go outside and find some candy and books.It's near impossible to have everyone look a the same camera at the same time, but they were all so cute and excited to be dressed up.
And here's a sneak peak of an alligator that just might come knocking at your door on the 31st...

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Megs said...

SOO cute..can't wait to see the real trick or treating