Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Stroll

We went to the Christmas Stroll in Georgetown last night. Despite it raining all day, the rain stopped in the evening and the weather turned out to be perfect. It was a fun night to begin the holiday season.Not the best picture, but one of the only ones I got of him actually looking at the camera.Dancing to the music from the live band. When this kid hears a beat, his legs and hips start moving!Watching intently as the paramedic was explaining about some of the equipment on the ambulance. The ambulance was Ian's favorite thing of the whole night.Walking into Bethlehem Village.Inspecting the clothespin baby Jesus the nice lady gave him.Do you think they had a sign like this in Bethlehem back in the day? :)
Watching the Christmas Story (Ian's on the far right). He paid attention for the whole thing.This little girl kept trying to share popcorn with him, but he did not want any part of it! This picture doesn't fully capture how funny it actually was nor how adamantly he kept telling her no.Getting a bracelet placed on his left arm because it is closest to his heart. Inside the bracelet was the verse Deuteronomy 6:5. The whole village was a wonderful learning experience for Ian.Checking out one of the Christmas trees lit up on the side of the courthouse.These 2 guys were at the North Pole without coats on! Thankfully no one caught pneumonia.

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