Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birthday Boy

We spent Ian's birthday doing things he loves or is always asking to do. He was up bright and early and whispered to me, "It's my birthday today!!" He had fun celebrating all day, and he still has a party to look forward to this weekend. :)
Watching some tv in the morning on the coffee table...not our usual place to watch tv, but it was his birthday.Birthday breakfast...complete with bedhead.Fun at a bounce house.Patiently waiting.Excited to ride the big train.Chugging out of the station.Victory over the candles.Silly, silly boy.At dinner, a man at another table was sung "Happy Birthday" by the staff. My mom thought it would be fun for them to sing to Ian next. At first, he was a little overwhelmed.Then he realized that it is pretty fun to be the birthday boy and have the attention of the entire restaurant!Happy Birthday, Ian!!

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The Pendrak's said...

Happy Birthday Ian! What a big boy!!