Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sea World

Ian and I took an early summer vacation to Sea World last week.  We had a wonderful time, and were able to spend 2 days there.  Ian's favorite things were sleeping in the hotel, using the elevator and getting to push the buttons, playing on the huge net/climbing/play scape, feeding the dolphins (I was amazed at how the dead fish didn't even bother him), and meeting lots of Sesame Street friends.  It was a special trip, and we hope to be able to go back next year.
As soon as we arrived to our room, Ian had to snuggle in bed with his friends while eating a snack and watching some tv. :)
The aquariums were amazing.  Ian could have stayed in there all day looking at all the different fish.
A scuba diver/window cleaner was in there, and motioned Ian over for a picture.  I was quite impressed by how friendly and attentive everyone was to Ian and all the kids.
"Look at that shark, Mama!"
He could hardly believe his eyes that he got to meet a Shamu "that stood up, but not the real Shamu."

We saw a fun show with sea lions.
Playing on a well-shaded playground. Even though it was only April, it was still hot, and we enjoyed all the shade and AC that we could find.

Just a few alligators...good thing they were napping and not hungry.
Waiting for the Shamu show to start.

Ian was not one bit scared to climb up and all around in this giant play scape (he's in the middle of the net thing).  I had the hard job of keeping track of him while looking straight up and making sure to not run into other kids/adults at the same time. :)
Dancing with some characters from Sesame Street.

Sliding/climbing down on the nets.
I wonder if everyone's underwear gets stuck after sliding down?  Ian wasn't shy about adjusting. :) I'm surprised this picture isn't blurry because I was laughing so hard!!
Enjoying some ice cream.
Azul was Ian's favorite show.  It had beluga whales, dolphins, divers, swimmers, and acrobatics...we saw this one again on our second day as requested by Ian.
I discovered that Ian is not really a fan of amusement park rides. They had a whole area of rides for his age group, but, after one ride on the Shamu roller coaster, he would only ride the carousel, and that was only if I was right next to him.  With my arm around him.  Even though he had to wear a seat belt.  This was my only attempt to try and get a picture and he didn't want me that far away, can you tell?  Good thing we didn't go to Six Flags!
The start of Day 2.

Ian had to give each character a hug before getting his picture taken.

Waiting for the 4-D movie to begin.
After taking this picture, Ian made a whale noise to this beluga whale...funny, funny boy. :)

And with that, we bid Sea World farewell until next time!

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