Saturday, September 20, 2008

Go Tech!

Since today was game day, I had to put Ian's game day shirt on (which happens to be a Texas Tech onesie; next year we'll opt for a t-shirt). He looked so cute and proud to be a Red Raider that I had to take some pictures. He sits up by himself much better now, but, once he sees something he wants, his balance is gone and I catch him before he topples over. For the last 2 weeks, Ian has had a rash on his face, arms, and legs that looked better some days and worse on others. I initially thought it was heat rash, but it never went completely away. He never scratched it, but I decided to take him to the doctor on Thursday and have her check him out. It turns out my little man has eczema. His daddy had it as well, when he was a baby. Now we are on a routine of moisturizing 4 times a day and applying 2 different creams twice a day. It is looking better already, and I'm glad that my baby has soft skin again! She also started him on Zyrtec since he had a terrible runny nose, watery eyes, and sneezed almost all day on Tuesday and Wednesday thanks to a mild cold front that came through. We go back to the doctor on Friday for a follow-up and his 6 month check-up; which means more shots...poor little guy can't catch a break! :( "Look at how big I am sitting in my chair!"
He sure does love those feet.
Beautiful boy.
Here he is relaxing in his exersaucer. Of course he had to wear his Texas Tech bib to go along with his game day look. :) Doesn't it look like he is just hanging out, enjoying the view, and ready to watch the big game?
This is what always happens whenever Ian is on the floor playing. The dogs swarm him, and then lay as close as possible without actually touching him. Don't all 3 of them look enthralled? Chester's so excited to get his picture made that he's yawning!
"Look at this cool thing that I found. I wonder if I can get a closer look."

"There we go, now I can see this blanket perfectly!" Ian LOVES to pull things over his face. Whether it is a blanket, burp cloth, bib, clothes, or a towel, if he can get his hands on it, he covers his face with it. He doesn't cry when his face is covered, but laughs, and, if he can't get it off his face right away or I don't pull it off, he keeps trying and laughs the whole time.
Here his face is partially covered, but he's more interested in grabbing his feet. What a silly boy.
Today he started rolling onto his right side for the first time. I just looked over and found him rolling from his back to his side. It's amazing how many new things he does each day!
Gazing fondly at Chester, who just happens to be out of Ian's reach. Lila is looking on to make sure that Chester isn't going to get any more affection than she will. Ian likes watching the dogs whenever they are in the same room as he is. And, if he hears them coming, his head moves all around to try to find them.
Practicing his new-found skill of rolling on his side, but this time he also has a toy in his hand...what a talented little boy we have! :)


Ronni said...

I love all the new pictures - he is just adorable - even in his Tech stuff :) j/k

Brady has eczema too, hopefully both of our guys will grow out of it.

Jessamy said...

Ian is a handsome Red Raider! It is amazing to see how calm the dogs can be if no one is there getting them riled up! I hope you guys had a great weekend!