Thursday, November 13, 2008


Natalie came to stay with MomMom and DadDad this past weekend, and we enjoyed seeing her almost every day she was here. Natty adores her cousin, and Ian loves to watch her and try to play with whatever toy she is playing with (although Natty seems to take immediate interest in whatever toy he is playing with and wants to take it away from him because she "needs it now"). Here are a few pictures from this past Sunday when the two of them were together. Sweet hugs.
Staring fondly at each other.

Here is Ian trying to get a hold of one of Natty's babies. I believe her response to this behavior went something like this, "No, no Baby Ian. That's my baby."

She then decided it was okay if he had one of her "twins" and happily passed over the boy baby for him to hold and play with. What a darling little girl.

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