Thursday, November 13, 2008

First Tooth

Last Friday, November 7th, Ian got his first tooth!! He was playing in our bed in the morning, and I felt in his mouth like I have been for the past few months. I nearly jumped out of bed when I felt a sharp, little tooth in his mouth! It is on the left side of the bottom gums, and I'm sure that another tooth will be joining it any day now. That night I tried a teething biscuit again with him (I'd tried it about 2 weeks earlier, and he made terrible faces, gagged, spit it out, and then proceeded to hold it while hitting it on anything he came in contact with) and he did much better this time. Of course he was a sticky mess afterwards, but he enjoyed it, and I enjoyed being able to eat with both hands and not having to entertain him at the same time.


Jessamy said...

Thanks for the new pics!
1. I had no idea there was something called a teething 'biscuit.' Does it taste good? Why do I think of 'dog biscuit?'
2. I think I spotted the earrings from Santa Fe.
3. I miss you!!!!

Ronni said...

Alright Ian - your first tooth!!