Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pulling Up

Ian has started pulling up on furniture (it is still slow going though...when you've got that much weight to haul up off the floor it takes lots of practice) and wants to stand and hold on to me whenever I am sitting close enough for him to touch. He can take a few steps at a time while holding on to something, and it is exciting to see him get stronger and braver every day. Ian's fourth tooth came through last Wednesday, so he'll soon have 2 top teeth in pictures. Looking handsome in an outfit Grammie and PaPa (Phil's Australian grandparents) bought for him when he was first born.
This boy loves balls and loves to throw ANYTHING he gets his hands on. I just happened to get several pictures of him throwing various balls (it looks like he is defying the law of gravity); maybe he's trying to figure out what sport he feels most comfortable with.

Holding on to the coffee table first thing in the morning.

Winding up...and looking quite serious about it.

Throwing the ball to me.

I think we have a future Red Raider quarterback on our hands. He's a natural!


Megs said...

He looks so big in that top picture! it seems that after he lets the ball go, he regrets it as he gets so serious looking! :)

Jessamy said...

I love the pics!