Sunday, April 4, 2010

2 year check-up

I took Ian for his 2 year check up on the 23rd, and we got a few surprises. He had actually lost a little bit of weight since his last visit (this child has NEVER been in the 25th percentile for his weight in his entire life...I guess that's what happens when you go nonstop all day), and he is slightly anemic. The anemia greatly shocked me because Ian is such a good eater. He has some days when he is more picky, but, on the whole, he eats a wide variety of foods. So, we started him on a multi-vitamin with iron (I have to put it in his milk in the morning when he's not looking so he will take it), and we go back in a month to re-check his hemoglobin. Otherwise, Ian is a healthy boy who is growing just as he should be...I am so blessed to have a happy and healthy child. Here is a comparison of his stats from 18 months and 24 months. The picture is of his adorable fat feet (he has to wear extra-wide shoes) in a pair of flip flops he was adamant about wearing because I had on a pair of flip flops that day. Ian copies things that other people do, says new words and phrases every day, climbs on anything he can, loves being outside, and is definitely strong-willed about letting Mommy know what he wants and doesn't want. It is so fun to watch his personality develop more every day!

18 months 24 months
Weight 26.1 lbs (60%) 26.0 lbs (25%)
Height 32.5 in (50%) 34 in (45%)

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