Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Backyard Bible Club

Instead of Vacation Bible School, our church does something called Backyard Bible Club where the high school kids teach kids from different neighborhoods about Jesus, scripture, and being a Christian. The material is really geared for kids older than Ian, but one of our friends, who live in our neighborhood, hosted in their yard and they have a son about 2 months younger than Ian. These pictures are from the day they did water activities, and Ian did everything he could to keep up with the big kids!
Trying to get a drink after the sprinkler was turned off.

In the middle of all the activity, but focused only on getting the grass off of his feet. :)

Ian and Riley sitting still and listening...that is hard to come by with two 2-year olds.

Hanging out with the big boys.
Enjoying some juicy watermelon.

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