Friday, September 17, 2010

Toy Story Party

My friend Kim's little boy, Colt, turned 3 last week and we were invited to his birthday party. It was a Toy Story theme, and Ian had a great time.
This party hat is Ian's favorite new hat to wear around the house.

Ian and the birthday boy trying to figure out how to make the blowers work...they both got the hang of it. :)
Aren't other kids' toys always more fun to play with?

Four hungry boys eating dinner.
Ian's first experience with silly string. He did not like how it felt on him, but thought it was hilarious when other people got attacked.

Ian had a hard time pushing the button to make it come out. The bigger boys are ready to help him out.

Loving the cake and ice cream...except that bite he left on his forehead! :)

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