Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cameron Park Zoo

I took Ian to a zoo in Waco this past week. He was beyond thrilled to go, and he woke up at 6:40 am telling me "Mama, I'm ready to go to the zoo!!" The weather was nice, and it wasn't crowded since school was in. We had a great time, and Ian loved identifying all the animals he knew and learning about ones he had never seen.

One very excited boy!!
This is not the best photo, but it just proves that I do exist! :) Ha ha. Some nice lady offered to take our picture with the white monkeys (gibbons) in the trees behind us.

With all the live animals around us, Ian wasn't sure whether this one was real or not.

The rhinos turned out to be his favorite.
Inside a small cave looking through a window underwater.

This is what Ian was seeing! Yikes!

There was this cool slide that went through the river otter exhibit. The otters could swim under the slide and swim/climb over the top of it so Ian got to see them up close as they played. It was hard to pry him away from this one.
Not quite tall enough for the red ladybug, but I love his enthusiasm!

There was a great playground for Ian to play on, and this huge snake was part of it. (Hope you scrolled past this one quickly, Jess!)

This was how a lot of the day was spent; with Ian running ahead to see the next animals.
As we were leaving and I was trying to convince him that it was time for a nap (especially for a boy that had been up before dawn), it seemed that a lot of the animals were also napping. Great persuasion for a toddler! :)

I love how relaxed he is in this picture; like he's always had a gorilla to hang out with.


Geoff and Sherry said...

Great visuals after the Skype!! Thanks for so many nice photos.

Jessamy said...

LOL! I started getting a little nervous half-way through the pics and then squirmed when I saw the snake pic. Thanks for the warning though :)