Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Cookies

The weather was not the best yesterday with off and on rain and clouds, so we stayed inside and baked and decorated cookies. To say that my kitchen was a mess after this endeavor, would be an understatement! Having a toddler help you cut out cookies, keeping him away from the hot baking sheets, making sure he wasn't taking one bite out of EVERY cookie that was cooling, making sure to not burn the cookies, and supervise decorating is not as easy as it might sound for one adult. But, Ian had fun and we have lots of tasty cookies to eat!
Pressing the cookie cutters into the dough.
He kept calling the flour on the counter "chalk" and wanted to clean it off. :)

Testing the products...

"Dusting" his hands off after getting lots of little orange and yellow sprinkles on them...this meant that I then had lots of orange and yellow sprinkles on the floor that then stuck to the bottom of his feet. (I decided to assist with these sprinkles from then on.)
Finished cookies! (I know the icing colors might not be traditional for Halloween, but I mixed up the colors that Ian wanted.)
Guns up, little Red Raider.

Sampling his work.

Total concentration.

Sneaking a bite of the dough. That's one of my favorite parts, too!

As Ian was waiting for me to clean the kitchen so we could play, this is what he was doing to pass some of the time (he gets a lot of practice watching me push him on the swings!).


The Pendrak's said...

What a happy coookie helper!! Cute pictures :)

Ronni said...

What a great helper you have!

Geoff and Sherry said...

Cookie baking adventure went well. Amazing how they ALL instinctively eat the dough and lick their fingers :) Wish I was there too.

Jessamy said...

LOVE the pics! Super cute little Red Raider! You are Super Mom!