Friday, April 29, 2011


Ian had his first bowling experience almost 2 weeks ago. We met my brother Justin, or Uncle as Ian calls him, and we all had a great time. He was interested long enough for one game, and is already asking when we can go back.
They had this great ramp he could set his ball on and then just push it toward the pins. Here is one of his first tries.

Running back for a high-five from Mommy. He was just as excited if he knocked 1 pin or 8 pins down.

Rolling the ball without the use of the ramp. The bumpers were up to guarantee at least 1 pin was knocked down!

Despite Mommy explaining to him to not cross the line after he pushed his ball, he still felt like chasing it down the lane one time. I didn't get a picture of what happened next, but he wiped out on the slippery floor and was pretty shocked by how quickly he fell down! Needless to say, he only went down the lane once. :)

Carrying his ball.

This little guy sure does love his Uncle!

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