Friday, April 1, 2011

Dinosaur Party

Ian had a birthday party last weekend and enjoyed every minute of it! It was at an inflatable playground, and all of the kids were able to jump off lots of energy. Ian was bouncing off the walls with excitement from the moment he woke up, so it was a perfect choice. Here are some photos from the fun day. Dinosaur cake...ROARRR!!
It was hard to get any really good pictures of Ian because he was constantly in motion!

Being silly with Granddad.
Jumping with Uncle.
Laney, Macyn, and Ian (in the back).

Triston and Brady were not too excited about having to take a break from playing to eat. :)
Nelli and pizza-faced Macyn.
Blowing out his candle.
Ian was slightly overcome with embarrassment when he looked around the room and realized that everyone was singing to him! It was a sweet moment.
Ready to enjoy some cake and ice cream.

Laney, who just turned 1, had no problem getting some pizza into her mouth. Her brother Brady likes to eat his pizza upside down; kids are so funny!
Cake face.
Getting a birthday hug from Olivia.
Ian wanted to make sure that everyone was looking at the love he was getting! :)

Enjoying the party blower on the ride home.
Uncle teaching Ian how to use his new chainsaw. I think it might be too young for his first power tool, but the happiness on his face is crystal clear!

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Jessamy said...

I'm so disappointed that I missed out on all the fun! Happy Birthday, Ian!