Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

We waited until last Friday to carve our jack-o-lantern because I knew with this heat it would rot in no time. It was a beautiful fall day when we tackled this project, which was nice since it actually felt like we should be carving a pumpkin for Halloween!
This was our harvest from Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls a few weekends ago. Ian chose all 3 of the small ones by himself.Starting off the event with an extra silly face.Spoons in hand and ready to get to work.Not quite sure whether or not he should actually touch it.Cleaning out the seeds.
This picture is worth a thousand words! :)Deciding what kind of face our jack-o-lantern should have.
Lost interest in the pumpkin and decided sliding head first was a more fun choice.I roasted the pumpkin seeds that night, and they were a tasty snack before bedtime!

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