Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve adventures began with a visit to the pediatrician; Ian started wheezing the day before and woke up wheezing that morning.  The doctor prescribed oral steroids for 5 days and an inhaler as needed; I was so thankful that we were able to see Ian's doctor and not have to go to the ER.  We discovered that steroids and Ian don't mix well for sleeping, so Ian was tired (and so was Mommy) and didn't feel like himself; not an ideal way to spend Christmas Eve and Day, but we definitely made the most of it.  Ian was in the children's choir at church on Christmas Eve, and was extremely excited to sing in front of everyone.  Surprisingly, he wasn't intimidated to be in front of a packed church, and I hope this is something he wants to do every year.  After church we had dinner and then looked at Christmas lights before putting cookies and milk out for Santa.

This sweet boy was not excited to take pictures.
What a personality he has!!
The preschool class dressed up as presents since they "are gifts just like baby Jesus was a gift."  He absolutely loved putting that box on!
For every serious shot, there are several silly ones.

Checking out the band on the "big stage."
"Hi Mommy!"

After they had sung their songs, Ian didn't want to leave the stage!


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