Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa Visit

We went to see Santa today, and it turned into a magical morning for one little boy.  The Santa we saw was so kind and wonderful with Ian, telling him how much he had grown since last year, asking what he wanted for Christmas, reminding him to always wear his helmet on his bike (he told him he wanted a Lightning McQueen bicycle), and then said that he would probably leave Ian some surprise gifts as well.  Ian was so excited, and the pictures show his joy. 

Getting ready to go inside.
Santa looking at how big Ian was.

Santa gave him a tiny bendable reindeer, and Ian requested a picture with it while standing on this turtle. 
While we were walking around, we noticed a train ride for kids, but it was closed due to the cold weather that morning.  On our way back to the car, the conductor, Mr.Pete, was putting up an "Open" sign.  He invited Ian to come inside and see how he checked his train out before using it for the day.  Ian was in awe to get a behind the scenes look at everything.  After the train was ready to go, we enjoyed being the only 2 riders and waving to all of the onlookers.  This man's kindness made my little boy's day!

Santa even came out of his workshop to wave at us. Such a fun experience!


Geoff and Sherry said...

1048<3 <3 What priceless photos and experience.

Kate said...

Hi erin,
i loved reading your blog for ian. We would so love to see him.
i hope that you are doing well.
Aunty Kerry