Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Swinging, Rocking, and Clapping

This weekend Megan and Natty came to visit, and we enjoyed spending Saturday afternoon together. Natalie was so excited to bake cookies and decorate them with her MomMom; I'm sure that Ian will enjoy "helping" with the cookie festivities next year along with eating them! It was a beautiful weekend and we enjoyed some time outside now that it isn't so incredibly hot. Ian started clapping his hands on Saturday, and, even though I am kind of partial, I have to say it is the cutest thing he has done so far. I look at him every day and realize how lucky we are. Ian and I are off to Georgia on Friday to see Phil for 7 days. Hopefully our flights are on time, and Ian is a good traveler. It has been 2 months since we've seen Phil, and I know that he can't wait to hold our little man again! Picture time with Natty (don't you just love her "pantyhose" as she called them?) by MomMom's pumpkin patch.
Getting a closer look at the scarecrow.

Having a wonderful time swinging.

Peering over the edge of the rocking chair.

Once Ian realized he could rock back and forth, he was pretty proud of himself.

Clapping his little hands.


Jessamy said...

I hope to see him clap soon! I will be thinking about you guys this weekend and I hope that you have easy travel with Mr. Ian. Love you!

Ronni said...

That is so cute of Ian clapping his hands. I hope you have a good trip, we will be thinking about you.