Friday, October 3, 2008

Cheap Entertainment

Today Ian played his first instrument: the stainless steel bowl. After Mommy showed him that he could make noise with the spoon and bowl, he took the spoon in his little hand and tried it out for himself. As you can see, he enjoyed himself immensely. I may soon regret that I taught him how to create this noise, but for now I'm amazed at how well-coordinated he is becoming. So proud of himself!
I don't know if I will ever get to cook with this bowl again. Ian has claimed it as his new toy. :)
Here's another thing that the spoon is good for: a teether.
He had such a look of concentration and determination on his face.


Ronni said...

That is so cool. Its amazing how quickly they learn :)

Jessamy said...

I love these pics and Ian's big smile! I saved the first one on my computer so it can brighten my day! Hope you are doing great!

Ashley said...

Erin! He is so cute and getting so BIG!! I miss you! Hope all is well!
Ashley Himes