Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rainy Day

Today it rained all day long. We have been needing the rain, so it was a welcome weather change and it is starting to feel a little bit like fall (FINALLY). I have been a bad Mommy and have not posted new pictures in a very long time (somebody please slap my wrist), so I decided to take pictures of things Ian did today since we stayed inside to keep dry. There are quite a few pictures, but I felt like I needed to make up for lost time. Enjoy! Pouring down rain on the front porch.
Slightly flooded back yard (I am already having nightmares about how muddy the dogs are going to be over the next few days).
Hanging out and playing in his pajamas.
Making silly faces with the pacifier. He normally won't take a pacifier, but he likes to play with it.
We tried a new fruit (bananas and mixed berries) for breakfast today, but Ian didn't care for it at all. He had 3 bites, and then would no longer open his mouth for me.
He likes peaches much better.
I had to get a shot of the footie pajamas. I think that they are supposed to be rhinoceroses on his feet. So cute!

Now that he is sitting, anything that he sees and wants he goes diving for, regardless of if it makes him fall over or not.
"Mommy, look what I have."
Laughing while the dog talks to him. He finds certain things the dog says hysterical.
"Are you done taking pictures yet??"
Just woke up from a nap.

"I'm refreshed and ready to play."
Starting to roll over.
This is normally how I find Ian when he wakes up. He somehow manages to scoot all the way over in his crib before rolling over, and, since he doesn't have enough room to completely roll over, it makes him mad and he is sure to let me know all about it!
Uncle Josh came over today and brought some new toys for Ian to play with.
Pushing the penguin with all his might. (When you push it over, it bounces right back up; he was pretty amused by the fact that it never stayed down.)

"Thanks Uncle Josh! I love my new toys."
" what do I want to play with next?"
Naked boy before his bath. I just love all of his rolls and dimples.
This picture justifies what a healthy boy Ian is (what a cute little Buddha Belly).
Nice and clean.

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Ronni said...

What a great update! When you said, "There are alot of pictures, but..." I was like "YAY - LOTS OF PICTURES!!" I love seeing all the pictures of Ian and how fast he is growing. Can't wait to see you this weekend :)