Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day

I can hardly believe that Ian's first Christmas has come and gone. We had a relaxing day with family, and Ian certainly enjoyed all of the attention from everyone. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at Phil's parents' house with DadDad, MomMom, Tia (Megan), Natalie, and Nan. The second half of Christmas day was at our house with my parents and brother, Justin. As the pictures will show, Ian loved every new toy, big and small, that he received; why do I have the feeling that he might never be this easy to please again? We missed having Phil cracking jokes and bringing a whole other level of comic relief to family get-togethers. Hopefully we'll be able to celebrate Ian's second Christmas together as a family.

Playing with some of the fun toys that Santa left for him.

Checking out his stocking and some toys.

Ian loves these stacking cups. He likes pulling each one out, spreading them all around him, and then selecting 2 to bang together.

Ian and Natalie playing contentedly with their new toys.

"Look at this fancy remote control that Santa left me!" Ian LOVES remotes, and is always trying to steal the remote control out of my hands so he can play/chew on it. I guess the need to be in control of the remote is instilled in men at birth.

Shooting some hoops.

Unwrapping presents is serious business!

Staring at DadDad in a Santa hat. He was in complete awe.

Trying out his new Texas Tech sippy cup.

This is my FAVORITE picture. I thought I would get a cute picture of him with the Santa hat on, but, as you can see, he didn't think that was a good idea. What a terrible Mommy I am to take a picture, and then console my child (as soon as the hat was off, the tears dried up)!

Looking at a present with MomMom.
Helping Natalie.

Talking with Uncle Justin while Granddad puts together one of his new toys.

Merry Christmas!
"Ooohhh...look what's in this bag!"
Admiring the new shoes, after removing the tissue paper ever so carefully.

Reaching for the exact piece of wrapping paper he wanted to rip next.

"Oh look, there are more presents over here!" He had just lost interest in tearing up the wrapping paper that is covering his body, and had found something more exciting to investigate.

Stretching to get his hands on an especially sparkly gift.

Reading with Grammie.

Sitting with Uncle Justin on the couch.

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Jessamy said...

The pictures are great! It looks like you all had so much fun! I wish I was there on Christmas morning! I'm glad you and Ian both enjoyed the sparkly gift. Have a great week!