Saturday, December 6, 2008

Long-Overdue Update

It has been a long time since I've posted pictures, so I have included the pictures that have accumulated over the past few weeks. I am in the process of getting our house decorated for Christmas, so I should have some more pictures soon. Ian is doing great and continues to do new things every day. He babbles "dadada," "mamama," and whichever vowel sound is striking his fancy at the time. He has started making a disgruntled screech while arching his back and balling his hands into fists when he gets mad about something. He continues to roll all over the floor, but isn't interested in crawling just yet (which is fine by me). I had to take out his infant car seat and replace it with a regular car seat today. It's amazing that he has already outgrown the car seat that we brought him home from the hospital in! 8 months old
Chewing on a carrot on Thanksgiving Day with some assistance from MomMom.

Looking at the cows with Uncle Robert. I think the cows might be studying him as well.
He likes to put his thumb in his mouth whenever I am taking pictures.
Ian is getting cooking tips on how to smoke a turkey from all of the men. Isn't male bonding great? Even Chester thought he belonged in this group.
Hugging Uncle Justin.
Natalie was playing some music for the small crowd. Ian looks pretty captivated.
Ian's first Thanksgiving meal. Even though he didn't enjoy a true Thanksgiving dinner this year, he was quite happy to have some carrots and a teething biscuit.

Natalie was singing to him, and he was talking to her at the same time. It made for some joyful noise, that's for sure!
Playing with Grammie, Granddad, and Aunt Debra after the Thanksgiving meal.
Admiring the handsome boy in the mirror.
The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we traveled to Marble Falls to walk through a trail of lights. I put Ian in some Christmas jammies (they barely fit him that night, and they definitely won't fit on Christmas Eve) and a warm coat, and he experienced his first taste of Christmas lights. He was tired, but he wouldn't fall asleep because he was too busy looking at all of the lights around him. He got his picture taken with Santa that night, and he didn't even cry.

Ian's hair is starting to get long on top of his head. I thought it would be fun to see what he would look like with spikes.
Today we went to my friend Janelle's house and let Ian and her little boy, Triston, play together. Triston turned 1 in November, and he crawls everywhere along with walking while holding on to furniture.
Triston loves giving hugs. You can see his right arm is around Ian's arm, and Triston is pressing his face into Ian's shoulder to give him a hug. Ian didn't quite know what to think of being hugged by someone his own size.
Sitting on one of Triston's toys.

Doesn't it look like they are plotting something huge?? This is probably the least amount of trouble these two will get into together.


Ronni said...

Its so nice to see new pictures - and you've even got some of Tristan!! I can't believe how big both of the boys are :)

Jessamy said...

Thanks for the pictures! I'm glad we got to catch up yesterday! I noticed that peekaboo fleece would come in handy for something like walking outside and looking at Christmas lights :)