Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On the Move

Until last Monday, Ian was content to sit in one place on the floor and play with whatever was around him. He had no desire to crawl toward anything that was placed out of his reach, and I fully anticipated him walking before he ever crawled. But, that has all changed now, and he has perfected the art of belly crawling. I am amazed at how quickly he can move his body across the floor to investigate his world. Ian had 2 more top teeth come through last Saturday, so he has a grand total of 6 now. I have included a video of him walking with the "mail cart," and one of him crawling. I love the look of excitement he gets on his face as he is practicing his gross motor skills, as well as his sporadic laughs and bursts of "dialogue."
With all the toys he has to play with, these are his new favorites. Now that he can get to them whenever he wants, they seem to clang together ALL THE TIME!! :)

Mommy was one step ahead of this little man when I already had the outlets covered. I look at every room using a whole new set of eyes now.


Megs said...

YAY!! Too cute! is that the same tech outfit natalie wore?

Ronni said...

OMG - he is pushing that toy like a pro! Brady has that same toy where the 5 little animals pop up and he likes to do the same thing - push them all down. If I make them pop up again, he gets them down as fast as he can - its so cute!!

Megs said...

Where are the 1 year birthday pics????? I'm dying to see