Sunday, April 26, 2009


On Saturday, we went to a birthday party that had a barnyard and pony rides. Ian loved every minute of it, and wasn't scared of any of the animals. He had his first pony ride, but I didn't get any pictures of it because I didn't have my camera at that time, and I wasn't sure how he was going to do. Someone did get some pictures of him sitting like a big boy in the saddle, so I'll post those once I get them. For the record, the pony's name was Dusty, and she was a sweet old girl. Here are some of the pictures I did take. He wanted to touch every animal...this child has no fear. I thought this picture was so sweet of him talking to the pony and trying to pet him.
The smaller pony in the background (the one with her butt to the camera) is the one that Ian rode. Ian doesn't look very happy in this picture, but he was checking out what the other kids were doing and wasn't interested in being photographed.

Here he is walking along the fence to get to the gate; I think he thought he could sneak in there and I would never know! :)
Ian's looking over his shoulder at his friend's almost as if he's protecting her from getting too close to this wild donkey.
"Silly donkey!" Laughing as the donkey tries to push the gate open (to escape from all of the toddlers that were surrounding him all afternoon!!).

This is my absolute favorite!! Ian was more interested in what was going on outside the fence than the goat that was right beside him. It's so cute how he's up on his tiptoes to peer over the fence rail.

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