Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hanging Out at Home

I've accumulated some pictures, and just wanted to share some random moments spent at home (some of the best moments of my days).
Rocking in a chair that was Phil's when he was a little boy.
Ian loves his push toys! He has recently figured out that when one of his toys gets stopped by the wall, he walks around to the end that is touching the wall and starts pushing the toy away from the wall. He's pretty clever in figuring out how to get to where he wants to go without walking there by himself. Ian takes several steps on his own now from one object to's exciting to see.
Blowing bubbles on the porch with Grammie. He looks like he's going on a safari, but I'm just trying to get him used to wearing a hat for the summer. He loves to take hats off, but the chin strap, though too big to fit close to his chin, has actually deterred him from taking this one off.
Petting Chester, our ferocious boxer. :)
Pushing yet another toy around the living room.
"Reading." Ian loves me to read to him, and he knows where the books are kept. He cruises around furniture to get to the shelf, leans over and picks up the book he wants, and then cruises over to me with the book in his hand and his arm outstretched to hand it to me. It's so cute, and I hope his love of reading continues.

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