Monday, August 25, 2008


Last Friday, Ian tried carrots for the first time. He didn't bat an eye at the new food and eagerly opened his mouth for more. He enjoys his food immensely, and has started crying if I don't have another spoonful ready the second that his mouth is empty. On Saturday, once he finished his serving of carrots and I was cleaning him up, he pitched an almighty fit complete with tears and lots of screaming. He was so upset that the food was gone, and that he wasn't getting anymore for the evening (one might think that this child never gets fed by the way he was acting; clearly, as evidenced by the rolls on his arms and legs, he is meeting his nutritional needs). So, at the end of every meal, I am prepared for a small temper tantrum until I can get him out of his chair and distract him with something else. Ian had squash today, and enjoyed every bite. He is eating real food twice a day now and gets so excited once he is strapped into his chair and the bib gets put on. It didn't take him long to learn this new routine!
Before Ian's first bite of carrots. Doesn't he look nice and clean? "Mom, I can see that there is more in the bowl. So close, yet so far away thanks to my short little arms."
I think he knows where the spoon is supposed to go. He'll be feeding himself before too long! While he was doing this, he managed to smear carrots along the right side of his cheek (see picture below).
After his first experience with carrots.

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Jessamy said...

I am addicted to your blog! I'm glad Ian is enjoying food so much. I also appreciate that the dogs were in the background of the pics :) Hope you are doing well! Have a great day! Love, Jess