Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Flight

We flew to Kansas this past weekend to see my extended family, and Ian was the best little traveler. He slept during all of our flights and enjoyed looking at all of the people who stopped to talk to him in the airport. Even though our flight out of Dallas got delayed an hour, and we didn't make it to our hotel until midnight, Ian still slept through the night and was a happy boy in the morning. My cousin got married on Friday evening,and Ian cried for almost the entire ceremony. We went to see my Grandmom on Saturday, and she got to meet her 8th great-grandchild. Our flights were on time on Sunday, and Ian enjoyed sleeping in his own crib Sunday night. Here are some pictures from our trip, and there is a short video of Ian "talking" (he kind of sounds like a teradactyl) in the airport at the bottom of the post. Enjoy! Getting ready for his first flight. He doesn't look a bit nervous.
Ian and Mommy standing in front of the plane.
Playing in Mommy's bed in the morning.
Just relaxing after a rough night of traveling
Haning out in his stroller. Ian loves to get his left foot propped up on the edge of the stroller.
Uncle Fred sure is a fun guy to play with!
Doesn't he look handsome? Because Ian was fussy for the majority of the wedding and reception, this is the only picture we took. Oh well, at least we were able to get one of him smiling before we left for the wedding.
Sleeping peacefully on the way to the wedding.

Playing with Aunt Barb at her house.
Uncle Norm sure is a funny guy. There's no telling what he might have been saying to Ian!
Grandmom meets Ian for the first time.
Holding on tight to my Great-Grandmom's finger. (He knows a kind, loving woman when he sees one.)

Grandmom, Ian, and Mommy

The whole gang after dinner.I sure am getting sleepy.
Sweet dreams, my little boy.
Sitting out on Aunt Barb and Uncle Norm's patio.

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