Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sitting with Assistance

Ian is getting stronger every day and tries to sit up with all of his might. But, he doesn't quite have the hang of it and normally topples over, head first, trying to get to his toes. He is starting to hold himself up with his arms in front of him, and it won't be long before he's mastered this skill. We had to go shopping for him last Saturday and buy some bigger clothes; 6-9 month clothes hanging in his closet have seemed so big for so long, but now they are going to fit him perfectly. I had purchased a Texas Tech outfit a while back, and found a hat that went with a 6-9 month outfit. One look at it told me that it might not even fit now, so I tried it on his little head. He looked adorable, but I don't think he'll be getting much use out of it.
Talking and trying to reach Mommy's camera. He is grabbing for everything now, so I have to be careful what I'm doing when he's in my arms. We have made several messes due to the quick hands of Mr. Ian.
What a handsome Texas Tech fan!

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Jessamy said...

He is a handsome Texas Tech fan! Maybe crazy Aunt Jess can find a bigger hat for that growing boy! He looks more grown up than last week. Let's see some pics of both of you soon!