Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

Ian was excited for Halloween this year! When he woke up yesterday morning and it was still dark outside, he informed me that he was ready to go trick-or-treating. When the sun came up, he finally believed me that we would have to wait until after dinner to get dressed up. It was a fun night, and he didn't fall asleep until 10:15 after all the excitement and candy finally wore off.
Ian went up to almost all the doors by himself, except the ones that looked scary. His funniest comment of the night was when he looked down at some lady's slippers after she answered the door and proclaimed, "You're wearing those because our Red Raiders are playing." She had a Texas Tech double T on the top of her slippers, and she was so impressed that she gave him extra candy...Red Raiders are hard to come by in this part of Texas! :)
Ready to pass out some candy.Dressed up and ready to go. My mom actually made this costume for one of my brothers 20 years ago. It fit Ian perfectly and was that much more special since it had been Uncle's.Ferocious alligator!!
Headed down the driveway for some trick-or-treat fun.First candy deposit from our sweet neighbor, Alice.Is he excited or what??Ringing the doorbell.Talking with Grammy on his way to the next house.
Walking through a huge Halloween display at one house. As the night went on, parts of the costume came off, but the excitement never left! Looking through his loot.Sharing candy with Mommy.The sugar high has begun...:)

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