Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend Fun

Last Saturday, Ian was introduced to the town of Manor. It was a beautiful day, and we had a great time playing at 2 different parks. I think Ian's favorite part of the day was helping make dinner. He was all practiced up on being a chef because he had made a chef's hat at daycare the day before as well as made his own sandwich for lunch that day. I just love picturing a whole classroom full of toddlers wearing chef's hats and feeling important; such a fun time!Cool dude riding on a motorcycle.Ian loves to swing and can really get himself swinging high by pumping his legs.Exploring new places to play.He did some trike riding.Ian has never been a climber, but he is becoming more brave and daring as time goes on.Enjoying some lunch while watching our Red Raiders play football.We made pizzas for dinner, and Ian felt so special to make his very own pizza. Here he is spreading out the sauce.Sampling the cheese. The wild look in his eyes makes you think he hasn't eaten for days! :)Pepperoni was next.Adding some olives.While the pizzas were baking, we made bracelets.Concentrating.These hands are always so busy, but they won't always be this small.
Quite excited to eat his creation. :)

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Jessamy said...

I like Kenny's shirt!